2nd Period Constitution

Ideas, suggestions, thoughts before writing the draft??

Article one should be on the name of the team and what it means . Great idea!

Article two is the purpose of the Constitution and why we need it The purpose is the Preamble....the Articles are the organization and structure of our team....keep that in mind...you may want to delete this article.

Article three should be about the students and their jobs in the team I think Nicole has a good idea below that would best "sum" up these parts without becoming too lengthy....have an article for the K9 students' role, an article for the K9 teachers' role, etc.
Section 1- students section 2- teachers Section 3- other faculty and the principals
Article four is about how the teachers grade and extra credit You have our grading information from the K9 Team packet sent home at the beginning of the year....I think most of us have this information posted in our rooms so refer to it....perhaps saying this is apart of the K9 teacher's role and is their authority to decide? Remember, be realistic.
Article five is the dicipline Here you should refer to our team packet information regarding discipline too, this is posted in my room as well. As far as homework, discipline, etc. refer to school policy (handbook) and our team rules already set forth....you could elaborate on this is what is expected of a K9.....here are the consequences for a K9 not adhering to these expectations set forth by all K9's?
Section one- breaking classroom rules or being disrespectful Section two- home work consequences
Section three- fighting
Section four- detetion ( I think that is great and we could also talk about answers to questions like/When does it meet and how long is a student present for detention? What do they have to do in detention? What happens if a student doesn't show up? -Tommy A.)
Section five- suspension (I think that is great and we need to talk about...When a student is suspended, where do the students go and what do they do while in ISS? What happens if they are suspended twice?-Tommy A)

Section six- alternative school ( Some students don't know what this is so we need to tell them about it. We need to tell them what it is and what a student does in alternative school?- Tommy A)
Article Six should be (We should talk about how students can help people in the community to earn community service points that would help them get admitted into a college. (PAWS) Tommy A.)
this was by- Mary Catherine, Celia, Tommy, and Samuel.

Sorry guys that I have been out sick but I hope some of my comments sound okay. My group rocks! Tommy

Good work you guys!Keep it up!-Tucker,Preamble

In article three, section three, you don't have to put the roles of other faculty and the principal because the Constitution only refers to the K9 team. It looks good. I like how you separated the constitution into parts and sections.-Nathan

article 1- State out what the role of a student is. See above comments regarding ideas about this section....I like how you have suggested to organize the articles.
article 2- State out what the role of a teacher is.
article 3- State out the role of a principal.
article 4- Disipline.
section 1- The levels of disipline.
section 2- How the disipline will be taking care of.
article 5- Grading.
section 1- The levels of grading.
section 2- What will be done if student is failing a subjuct.

I think this is a great idea!!!! What is the K9's student responsibility here and K9 teacher's? We have begun student conferencing with all K9's during our CAP time...by the end of the year we hope to have met with all of you....for the failing student...what is their responsibility....should they create a contract for success, set goals, have a K9 teacher or student mentor?

article 6- Way to make changes to this constution.
-this was done by Nicole Ok i agree with the way nicole set up the articles but i dont think that we should put the students in the second article and i kind of agree with nathan but the faculty is important because students have to learn to be respectfull to adults. ~Mary Catherine~

I agree with Mary Catherine because i think that we should have the faculty because with out them we wouldnt learn much.
~Sam ~

I kind of agree with Mary C. and Sam but I really don't believe that we need a whole article about the princple when she isn't in our team. I think we should have the princple and all the other faculty memebers should have one article, with sections of course.
-Celia Rudd

Hey i think we should have a article about the princpal since they are the ones who order out true disipline this makes them a major role in our team not just our school,and about the faculty comment you shouldnt have an article to show respect but there very important part in our team. And to add on i totally agree woth nicole she has the basic part of our k9 government i wrote a small part of the 1 article
The first article is the role of a student .To learn materials that are taught and ask questions when they do not understand to respect a other peers and faculty in ways of basic manners, good educate, and educated conversation. A role of a student also requires to do assigned work given by the faculty that teaches them. To respect the school name and to respect properties of our discipline .To take care of the school property and to help when asked to help. this is what i belive is the basic roles. yvonne the levels of grading may very the effort that the k-9 student puts into their work. the levels of grading are A,B,C,D and F. A is tht highest grade that a k-9 student can get. that means that the k-9 student is succeeding in their work that is given to them. B means that the k-9 student work is good. C means that their is needs to having some impovment. D means that the k-9 student needs to impove on their work in may ways and might need help form the k-9 teacher. the lowest grade that a k-9 student can get is a F. that means that the k-9 student is failing and need help from the k-9 teacher at this time now. and if needed the k-9 teacher may speak to that k-9's parents.