2nd Period Constitution
Brainstorm:k9's have speech and friendship rights-MICHELA MARLOW (Could you elaborate a little on these ideas? What kinds of speech? Free speech? Are there any limitations....free speech as long as it doesn't infringe on other K9 students and teachers rights? Authority? Great thinking! What do you mean by friendship rights?)

K9's have rights to chose what they want to do and who they want to be. (What do you mean by "what they want to do?" Is there another way we could phrase it to be more clearer and represent your thoughts better? I love the statement "who they want to be!" Does this just apply to now as a K9 or throughout the rest of your life?)

K9's have friendship rights to chose who they want to be friends with and who they dont. (Could you explain this a little bit more? What would justify a good friend? Do we want all K9's to be respectful and compassionate for all other K9's? Would that warrant us being friendly or kind with all K9's? Could we re-state this as saying "All K9's will strive to be compassionate, respectful, honest, and forgiving friends." What do you think? Then we are directing it to all K9's and setting an expectation of all K9's to strive to be this type of friend to those they are close to and even those they may not be close to, but have classes with, work in groups with, participate in extra-curricular activities with? Then, we expect all K9's to be mindful of other K9's and other people in general? Ideas? Thoughts?) GREAT JOB!

K9's have speech rights to say whatever they want to. -KAITLYN (Whatever....what if it hurts someone else's feelings, what if it is disrespectful to another K9 or a K9 teacher? Should we limit speech? Or should we say K9's will have the right to speak freely with respect and for what is in the best interest of the K9 team?) What do you think?

i think we should have the freedom of work meaning that you can work the way you want or how you want!!!------tori steffens Great thoughts....keep in mind the role of a K9 teacher and student...authority of a K9 teacher or student....perhaps we could re-phrase this as K9's having the freedom to discuss concerns or preferences with the K9 teacher about work, groups, etc. Does the student always know what is in their best interest and K9 teachers keeping the students' best interests at heart. What is the authority of the K9 teacher when it comes to assignments, projects, and groups...realistically and how could we incorporate K9 student input with the teacher as a right?

K9's should always try to go 110% on anything they do. They dont need to give up with anything. Take it all the way. put all your thoughs in what you are doing.--------tatum
LOVE IT!!!!!!

Tatum made a great point.And also Tori:If we worked the way we wanted,then some people would maybe pair up with other people.If one person did not study,then maybe that person would pare up with a person that did study.They would both make the same grade.So if that pare made a good grade ,that means that the person that did not study would of learned only a little.Is that fare?Just a thought.If that was confusing,ignore it.-Tucker,Preamble

I like tori's idea about freedom of work, but I think it should be limited so then the authority of the K9 teacher isn't disregarded. i liked tatum's idea too. I think it is the way we should approach all of our assignments in school. Also, I think it applies to all of life, not just school.-Nathan

Nathans explains it better then me.-Tucker,Preamble

Off of what what Kaitlyn said, We think that K9s should be able to do what they want to to some extent, but the faculty and teachers still have overruling disciplinary control. School is not an=bout doing whatever you want to.--Jordan, Kyndall, taylor G., and Michael

I like what Tori said. - Nicole

K9's have rights to chose what they want to do like what sports they want to play and what they want to do in there free time.
K9's have rights to chose who you want to be like who they look up to, who there role models are, and what people influence your life. K9's have rights to chose who they want to be friends with like people who are incouraging, nice, honest, respectful,and there for you when you need them. All K9's need to shrive to meet the standards of being a good friend. K9's have speech rights to say whatever they want to as long as it doesnt hurt anyones feelings, is not disrespectful, or unappropiate to say or uses cursing.-----KAITLYN

by friendship rights i mean that everyone should be able to be friends with whomever they want to.
also, everyone should be courtious and respectful to the k9 team and belongings.treat others respectfully andnever make fun of anyone.do your best and always try your best and nover give up. you can't make a mistake if you never try something new!!!!!!-MICHELA -
From what Nathan has said I think we should also do this in real life. Not just school. This was for the 110% thing. -----tatum

About my freedom of work thing I am not saying go and work together on test I am saying if you are a visual learner then have a visual way to learn the unit or if you are better when you hear the text then have away to learn the unit, but also by having the freedom of work I am talking about working on a computer instead of paper and pen or vis-versa
I also think we should go after god and jesus with all our hearts and our minds I think that we should beable to pray in school. If one woman can make it to where you are not able to pray in school think of what 3,000,000 kids can do!!!!!!! Tori

I want to ad to tori. I think we should have bible studies if you would like in the mornings at the flag pole. We should have more people coming to the flag pole every morning. Jesus saves lifes.=] ------tatum

I like Michelas point And do believe that we should have the right to be friends w/ who we want to.

I also agree with tatum and tori 100% we should include God in the K9 team

Ya'll did a great job of explaining what needed to be where and keeping everything organized!-----Ginger
hey why should anyone get a second chance for taking a test that is totatly unfair for the people who study. the bell does not dismiss us the teachers do and homework is to help u make sure u understand materials and give you ways to practice what is teached. Oh and about religion i toatally agree with adding it to your rights but dont get specific!!!!!!! that can be real bad oh and what do you think if some one gets into a fight about why there belief is right and why others are wrong how far can we take this amendement without offending? other than those things its great :) YVONNE

Draft: Where is it? I need to see listed below the actual text of your part of the constitution written out.
Amendment 1.....Amendment 2......Does this make sense? GREAT BRAINSTORMING!!!!

Bill Of Rights

Amendment 1) K9’s have freedom of speech as long as it is respectful and doesn’t offend anyone.

Amendment 2) K9’s have freedom of friendship so that you can be friends with whom ever you choose.

Amendment 3) K9’s should never give up and always give 110% at what ever they do, so that our team and school are not embarrassed in what we do and accomplish.

Amendment 4) K9’s should be able to learn in what ever way is best for them to learn what they need to.

Amendment 5) K9’s should follow all rules and obey teachers and administrators.

Amendment 6) Respect K9’s property as if it was your own.

Amendment 7) K9’s should treat everyone equally.

Amendment 8) Volunteer to help students and teachers that need help in anything they do.

Amendment 9) All K9’s need to be a positive influence to all others school members and fellow K9’s.

Amendment 10) All K9’s should have the freedom of religious beliefs.

Amendment 11) All K9’s should have the right to act independently and stand out from the crowd to make HTMS a better school.

Amendment 12) All K9’s should have a reasonable amount of homework so that we learn and still have time to be the kids we are.

Amendment 13) All K9’s have the right to re-take a test if 75% of the class makes a 60 or below.

Amendment 14) All K9’s should be able to have time to use the restroom once a class period.

Amendment 15) we believe that when the bell rings we leave the class room.