2nd Period Constitution

Brainstorm: Our group thinks that one ammendment we should have is that no child should be judged by their state of mind, such as if you were honors.- Caleb
Could this be summed up as "Every K9 student and teacher has the right to be their own unique person and aspire for success?" I agree.-Tucker,Preamble

Another amenndment we think we should have is that if all the tests are bad, the teacher should let the children retake the test/quiz-Taylor Should this be apart of the Articles? You could say the "K9's have the right to discuss concerns or questions regarding grades, projects, and assignments with the K9 teacher." That statement would sum that up, but also respect the authority of the K9 teacher.

Something else we think a amendment should be is that the bells shouldnt ring wile the classes are in the lunch because it causes people to be late to their classes- Logan Is this something we should address in our K9 Constitution just dealing with our team? Is this a school-wide concern? Is this something controllable by K9's? Just a thought....

I agree with Logan.I do not agree with Taylor no offence.Maybe if all of the students but not just 1 or 2.It is the students job to study for there test.I think it would not be good for the kids to retake the test.If the teachers did let the students retake the test that would mean that the kids would not study for the first test and only study for the second test.But you do have a point...Maybe if that person could retake the test,but he/she would have to clean up in the lunchroom, or something like that.

Look what I wrote above...
Ideas, thoughts before you begin writing the draft????I think that they can retake the test if 75% of the class makes below a 60. -Ian (Preamble 1)

Draft: This looks great, but it needs to be listed as amendments...refer to the Bill of Rights in the US Constitution in your textbook.
Amendment 1K9's have the right to be themselves, express their individuality, and be proud of who they are.

We think that all K9's should have the right to be their own self ,no matter how their mind (think's they shouldn't be placed in a special class, unless you were mentally disabled) I am not sure I understand this and I don't think it is necessary for the Bill of Rights.....you could sum all this up in the above red statement.
If there is a hard test, we believe it is the children's right to re-take the test if more than 60% did below a 65 Is this something really controllable by a student? Maybe you should say K9 teachers and students have the right to work together to help all K9's achieve and succeed (that could be interpreted many ways and apply to those situations). The re-make test will be two complete school days after the real test. The students will have a choice if they want to keep their grade or take the re-take,and you can can only take the re-take once. This would be a great improvement for the K9's and will raise the grades of children by a significant amount. We believe that one of the main reasons that children are late is that the bell ussually rings while in the lunchroom. So we have decided it would be right for the bell to ring later,or for us to leave lunch earlier. This will allow students to have time to go by the bathroom,or their locker and still make it to the next class in time.

Look over the other Bill of Rights....remember are these things really controllable by us? Look at the Bill of Rights....Can we change these things and do they really just specifically address the K9's and not the whole school?