2nd Period Constitution

Brainstorm: One subject we can have is About the rules we should have in the hallway and inside the class room Jordan Smith (Do you mean that this constitution should apply to K9's even when they are not in our K9 classrooms or HTMS, but in the community, anywhere? I like your thinking!!!) Bailey and Haley

They also should apply in any part of school.
Thoughts of amendments: That no child should be left out or forgottenEveryone should be treated with the same amount of respectVolunteer to help or tutor another student in any way they can All children should have a fir chance before punishment Everyone on the K-9 team should set a good example to students on other teams and pass along our ideas and beliefs to make HTMS a better school for everyone
Brilliant ideas!!!!!!!!!!! Write these as "right" statements..."K9's have the right to be included socially and academically." K9's have the right to be treated with respect as well as treat others with the same respect. I really love these ideas.

All K9 students should have the right to tell other teams about our constitution
Yes, if you're proud of what you've created you should feel FREE to share it with others at HTMS and maybe serve as a role model for them by following your constitution. This could be included in respect and setting a good example...couldn't that general phrase apply to this at the K9's own interpretation?Taylor

One subject we have is respect all teams Jordan I agree with Jordan.Taylor...do you really think that we need to tell the other teams about our constitution?Just a thought.-Tucker,Preamble

I think that everyone in Trussville is going to use the young people in the community so we should apply some of the rules outside of school and follow the rules that when made. If we don't follow our own rules then no one will too and they might think that they don't need it.


I do think that we should tell others about our constitution, didn’t the founding fathers let other countries know about our constitution when it was finished?????


K9 students should have the right to fair classes, if a class isn’t honors or the class has a certain person in the class, the K9 teacher should not treat that class bad or give them extra work because of that K9 teachers should give all the students a fair chance at all things.


All classes should show the teacher all of their respect.

Ya'll did a great job of explaining what needed to be where and keeping everything organized!-----Ginger

Draft: Where is the draft section? All of those ideas above need to be here below in a draft like the following...
Amendment 1.......(The right listed below) Refer to the Bill of Rights in the U.S. ConstitutionAmendment 2..........
Amendment 1: All K9s will respect all school property as if it were their own.
Amendment 2: Respect the administrators in our school