2nd Period Constitution

Brainstorm: 1
Where is your brainstorming? Ideas, thoughts, suggestions........go ahead and get all of your ideas written here and then begin writing your actual draft! Check with the other committees too.

We the students and faculty(pedagogy experts) of the Hewitt Trussville Middle School K9 team hereby establish this written plan of government to protect the privileges and rights alike of all those to which it binds. In declaring the use of this document, we hope to ensure the hopes, dreams, and honor of every student over which it reigns. The common goals to which we all willingly abide by are to strive for perfection, respect all, and to lead by example.
-Ginger (allyson helped with the things in orange) ( Like it!!!) We maybe able to just say "We the students and teachers of the K9 team...? Thoughts?

After the beginning we should put beliefs such as: respect, honesty, responsibility, loyalty, teach and learn, and get good grades. Also we should use ideas from the Preamble of the U.S. Constitution. -Ian Bradley/Researcher

I think we should just put "students and faculty of the K9 team" like Mrs. Lincoln suggested.-Nathan
Bailey- that is a very important and true statement that explains and should introduct our constitution. It will definitely show other teams and faculty members what we are all about. I agree! Should we establish the preamble just like the constitution's or should we mix it up a little?-Tucker

Use the Preamble to the U.S. Constitution just a guide to help you with how to format or structure yours....a Preamble is an introduction and states the purposes of the document and organization....what is the purpose of the K9 Constitution or K9 Team...think about that and include those thoughts in your Preamble...
That looks really good so keep up the good work-tommy

Should our next sentence talk about respecting others or if not how should we keep our preamble from being too specific.-Nathan
Cool job guys! The preamble suggested by Ginger looks great.-Sam Your preamble looks great guys. You have great desrciptions too.-Hunter H., Jasen W.We need more about our beliefs.~Allyson Ginger, your idea is really good, I like the way it is wordedTaylor AllenThe black letters in the draft was just me editing. -Ian Bradley (Preamble 1)Hey yall are doing REALLY GREAT on this and i liked on the draft how you took into perspective of how the real preamble was and the capitalazation skills of it all and good seventh grade words(cause half of them i didnt know!)~Mary Catherine~:P

Yall are doing really good on this I likt hoe yall capitalized some of the main words that you thought were most important and you thought that yall should have keep up to good work .
Sam Miller Draft:

End Product!!!!!!!
We the K9's of Hewitt Trussville Middle School hereby establish this written plan of government to protect the priviledges and rights alike of all those to which it binds. In declaring the Constitution, we desire to ensure the Hopes, Dreams, and Honor of every student over which this living document reigns. The true definition of the K9 name sets for a standard that we all, as students, strive for Perfection, Respect all, and Lead by Example. ------by Ginger