2nd Period Constitution

We the K9's of Hewitt-Trussville Middle School believe in organization, kindness, and participation (maybe you could make this more broad or general so it could include more within this short phrase?) for everyone. The students shall include themselves and be included in all activities. We also believe that we shall treat others the way we want to be treated and obey all teachers. Students need to serve good roles for their lives and education, and being good examples for the next generation of K-9s. Also we believe that we should build a good foundation for learning and provide this team with knowledge. We need to remember that we represent our team and need to do it well with kindness, loyalty, and respect. Boundaries need to be set and be enforced for all students to follow. I think that we should have a good environment for learning and a good start to an acceptable learning foundation to build off of with our students. Also, maybe put in their about offering good learning techniques?? Also include our purpose for doing this.What you've got here is great....remember the Preamble is a SIMPLE introduction to the rest of the constitution that states the purposes of the constitution and/or organization (that being the K9 Team). What is our purpose for the constitution and/or K9 team in general? -kyndall & taylor

K9 constitution needs to represent shared ideas and beliefs of team members. Everyone must agree on the concept of the constitution. Because of this, the constitution must have a specific but broad and open ended preamble.
-jordan & kyndall

We believe in thinking beyond our ability and assuring that the students are educated by experienced teachers that will benefit our students the best that they can. We want our students to be a good example in education because they are our future economy. We also want our students to contribute equally in their studies and represent our school well.
-taylor g., hunter, & jasen

Ideas, thoughts, suggestions??????

Be sure to include topics about organization because that is important to start the beginning of a good learning environment. Perhaps the Articles committee could include an Article about creating a good learning environment and describe organization under that Article.....thoughts? I think this is a great idea, but maybe better fit for the Articles section of the constitution.

Good work you guys!

Remember to make your preamble more like an overview.Great job guys. It looks good.-Nathan
We really wanted to make sure you had the name incorperated in the preamble, it's an article that we don't have to do. -Sam Miller, Celia Rudd, & Mary C. BryantYour draft is fitting together with our draft. Good job. -Ian (Preamble 1)

We the K9 team members of Hewitt Trussville Middle School hereby join together to create a constitution with the common ideals of respect, trust, and honesty? could be used here b/c loyalty is similiar to trust?loyalty. I don't know if you need the following sentence (This document contains the organization and basic structure of the K9 team.) Our constitution binds us to exceptional behavior. Everyone in the team is expected to put a maximum amount of effort into their schoolwork and homework.We could combine these.....the other Preamble's draft does a good job of connecting these two thoughts..you guys had similiar thoughts which is great!
-jordan I copied your Preamble draft to the Preamble 1 WIKI so you guys can begin merging. This is a very good start to our work on the preamble and I think that we can create a great preamble from this start. -taylor g. This is a great start for a new beginning of the K-9 generation.- Kyndall We are really starting to come together. Then we can start merging. ~~Hunter~~