Bringing the 21st Century Tools into Your Classroom
Shawn Nutting,
April Chamberlain,

A Vision of K-12 Students Today

Welcome to the Human Network

  • Google Docs - word processing
  • Google Sheets - spreadsheets
  • Google Presentation - slide shows
    Create your own search engine
    Use some of the Alan November for locating information, validating - basically teaching students to become information literate

    Web 2.0 tools

    • Picnik - image editing
    • Animoto - photo slide shows
    • Poll Anywhere - surveys
    • Spelling City - spelling list practice
    • PTable - periodic table
    • Sizeasy - compare dimensions of objects
    • Kerpoof - animated cartoon movie creation
    • Delicious - online bookmarking
      Skype - web conferencing
    • Blogs (Blogs in Plain English or Will Richardson's video about blogging)
    • Wikis (Wikis in Plain English)
    • Podcasting - lessons, review games, etc. iPod in Education