Advanced Wiki Work

Several items you can add to enhance your wikis are:
teacher produced videos
student produced videos

The first example is a short video of pictures taken at Paine Intermediate to showcase the motto of the school - Caring, Sharing, and Preparing for the Future. I wanted to spruce up the pictures so I made each picture into a motivational poster using fd's flickr toys (free). Once I had the pictures like I wanted them, I created a Photo Story 3 movie without sound or narration. Photo Story 3 is a free download from Microsoft and is easily used by children in grades 3 - 5. Follow this link to learn more about movie making in the classroom.I then uploaded my movie to the space our district has created for teachers on our network. We are using Microsoft SharePoint for our websites. If you do not have a location to upload your movie to then can meet your needs. Sign up for a free account. Once your information has been sent to you, you can begin uploading movies. This is important because you have to include the url of where you movie is located on the web in the html code to embed the video.

To embed the video, I did a seach on google asking how to embed video and audio. I found the directions even with a sample html code that I just copied and pasted to the wiki.


I took out peanuts.mid and replaced it with my movie's url which is Autostart is asking if you want the movie to start automatically after it has downloaded or not. True means YES and false means NO. The same goes for loop. True means yes I want it to loop continuously and false means that I do not want it to loop continuously. THe width and height effects the size box that the movie fits in. I am using 200 and 200. I just played with it until I had what I wanted. I copied the entire html code with my url now it in. Not all wikis have you embed video in the same way.

To embed a movie in Wikispaces (which you are currently on)
3. Select EMBED MEDIA in the upper right
4. Paste the html code into the box
5. Select OK

To embed a movie in PBWiki:
1. Select EDIT THIS PAGE . You page will appear in html code.
2. Find the location where you want to add your movie.
3. Paste the html code mentioned in the above paragraph.

Here are some more examples of how teachers are using movies. The following movies are not on autostart. You must select play once to activate active x control then select play again to start the movie.

Now that you know how to embed a movie you also know how to embed a podcast. Remember, a podcast is amateur radio that is published on the Internet. You will follow the same directions as above. However, you will want to change the height and width. Here is an example of a podcast by the WPIN Closed Circuit Morning Television staff that is published to the Internet every day.

Okay. So you are probably asking yourself how can you use this knowledge that you now have for an educational purpose. Let's brainstorm together!

I strongly suggest that you learn the basics of HTML code and where to find code that you need. By doing this you will not only know how to embed video and sound into your wiki but also your blog. I began my quest to learn HTML by searching for html codes. However, I am such a nerd that I even purchased the book HTML for Dummies for bedtime reading. I have learned a lot from both resources.

Wikis and blogs are enabling you to create a robust website that really showcases the work your students are doing. I look forward to seeing how you grow with wikis. Please come back and let us know and see what you are doing with wikis in your classroom.

Wikis in the Classroom

Use this space to share your name, school, url for wiki, and reflect on wikis in your classroom.

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